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  • Linda Gates, ARPD consultant, explains the format of the community meeting. width:480;;height:320
  • Amy Wooldridge, Alameda Recreation & Parks Department Director opened the meeting. width:480;;height:320
  • ARPD posted pictures of many different elements that could beincluded in the park design.  Community members placed colored dots on the elements they thought the park should include. Postit notes were provided so comments could be added for additional opinions. width:480;;height:320
  • Amy Wooldridge addressing the 1st of 2 community meetings planned to give the community a chance to say what they would like the design of the park to be.  Approximatly 180 community members attended this meeting.  An online survey was also provided by ARPD.  Over 700 community members filled out the online survey. width:480;;height:320
  • After the community members posted the colored dots to indicated which elements they wanted to see designed in the park, Amy Wooldridge ARPD Director took question from the participants. width:480;;height:320
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