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Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Fund

September 16, 2017

Volunteers Cleaned up the South Side
Of The Jean Sweeney Park

Before the clean up day on September 16th was scheduled, the park was cleared of vegetation and trash left from years when the park had been vacant pending plans for the park construction. During that time 20-30 homeless people were living in the park. Larger items were cleaned from the park during the early part of construciton but it was not possible for smaller trash to be cleared using large construction machinery.

So the Alameda Recreation & Parks Department scheduled a volunteer clean up day for the park. The north side of the park is presently under construction by McGuire and Hester Construction so that area was clean. The south half of the park had trash left over that was small and needed to be picked up by hand.

Approximately 70 volunteers, working in two shifts, walked the 3200' length of the park looking for trash and sharp objects such as glass and needles. Everyone did a fantastic job filling up two dumpsters and sharps were removed from the park.

The Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Fund assisted ARPD with the cleanup day planning. Volunteers sent email to volunteers@sweeneyopenspacepark.org where they were added to a list of people interested in being notified of work days. An invitation was sent to the emails on the list and volunteers responded.

ARPD and the JSOSP Fund is grateful to the following businesses that provided tools, refreshments and lunch for the crew.

  1. Pagano's Hardware for trash grabbers
  2. Starbucks on Park Street for morning coffee
  3. McGuire & Hester for refrements and lunch
  4. Lucky's at Marina Village for a gift card used for water

To join the volunteer list for future work days at the Jean Sweeney Park, send email to volunteer@sweeneyopenspacepark.org. Please put "volunteer" in the subject line and first and last name in the message area.

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Published on:  September 20, 2017