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Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Fund

Park Tour July 13, 2013

July 13, 2013

Video "Walk In The Park"

On July 13th between 60 and 70 people came out to take a walk through the 22 acres that will become the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park. The tour started at the East end of the park in the Wind River parking lot on Sherman Street and continued to Constitution Way and the Food Bank trailer in the West end. The day was beautiful for a walk through the 3200 foot long piece of rustic land that was the Alameda Belt Line Railroad switching yard. Alameda resident Wendell Stewart again brought his Model-T Ford to assist those who needed help walking through the park, and for those who just wanted to take a ride in an old Model-T.

Bill Delaney, Vice Chairman of Alameda Recreation and Park Commission, (ARPD) talks about the plans taking place to create a design for the park, and he reminded us that the park is presently unfunded. Once we have the design created around the 6 features voted for by the people of Alameda, Amy Wooldridge, ARPD Director will start applying for grants to help with the funding. The 6 planned features are: walking/bike trails, natural open space, picnic areas, community gardens, playgrounds, and open lawn areas.

Mr. Delaney also mentioned the new Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Development Committee working with ARPD. The volunteer committee consists of Tom Schweich: Botanist, Helena Lengel: Biologist, Victor Amador: landscape artist, Bill Delaney: Vice Chairman-Recreation & Parks Commission, Amy Wooldridge: ARPD Director, Jim Sweeney and Dorothy Freeman: Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Commission. Kristoffer Koster: Planning Board member, will do the final landscape design.

Watch the video - Click Here     Video courtesy of Joseph Woodard Multimedia

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Published on:  April 21, 2014