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Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Fund

Sponsor A Park Bench

Select one of these two benches for installation in the
Jean Sweeney Open Space park

NOTE! Bench Orders Need To Be Placed Before September 23rd.

The Recreation & Parks Department is finalizing the order to be placed for the memorial benches. Please place orders by September 23, 2017. The ARPD has to place the order in bulk to minimize the shipping costs.

Outdoor Creation Concrete Bench
Dumor Ironwood 142 Bench
Concrete Bench Dumor-Bench143

You may purchase a metal plaque to be attached to your commemorative or memorial bench. The Recreation & Parks Department does not order the plaques so the plaque must be ordered by the bench sponsor. The plaque should to be 1-7/8” x 9-7/8” and be simular to the example shown below.

Alameda advertising & Recognition Inc. has arranged a 5% discount on plaques for the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park benchs.

Alameda Advertising Plaque

You can contact them at 510-865-6666. You can also find plaque engraves on the Internet.

To place an order for a bench, click here to link to the application form. Print the form and fill out the application form. Make the donation check payable to Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Fund. Mail the form and check to the address on the top of the form. Place a note on you payment indicating your donation is toward the bench project. All donators will receive a tax deductable receipt.

If you are unable to fund a bench alone but still would like to participate, partial donations directed to the bench project will be pooled with other partial donations so a bench can be funded. Use the same form here and place a check mark in the appropriate box indicating this is a partial donation toward a bench.

The bench you have ordered may not be purchased immediatly after payment. ARPD will be ordering benches after 10 to 20 benches have been paid for. This is to help keep costs of shipping down. You will receive a note from the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Fund when the bench has arrived and when your plaque should be delivered to the ARPD office for placement on your donated bench. Once your bench is placed within the park, you will be informed of the location so you can visit your bench.

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Published on:  October 21, 2016