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Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Fund

Drone Fly Overs to Chronical Park Construction

Below is a "before construction starts" video. Once park construction begins, drone video of the progress will be posted here to chronical the transformation as this overgrown 27 acres becomes the beautiful open space park Jean Sweeney dreamed of.

Construction will start with the Cross Alameda Trail begining in November 2016.
The East end "Community Gathering Area" will follow with construction starting in early 2017.
These aerial photos are the East end along Sherman Street.

JSOSP East End looking South JSOSP East End looking West

The drone video starts on the East end and extends to show the vastness of the 27 acres.

Click on the large arrow to start the video.

Video by Joseph Woodard Multimedia -- Drone pilot: Dorothy Freeman

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Published on:  September 18, 2016